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Author: Ger Vloothuis   Date Posted: 11 July 2014  

Hybrid broadcast broadband TeleVision (HbbTV) is going places in Europe.  The Soccer World Cup spun off heaps of applications and re-runs of the best goals.  Not only that.  Things like the Eurovision Song Festival draw many hundreds of millions of viewers.  The use of HbbTV to capture more audience in narrowcast content is clearly becoming a mainstream technology now.  Television sets in the shops will need to be smart and be HbbTV compliant for this to work.  And in European TV shops they do.  It's like buying a new car when you would expect that a radio is part of the d...

Author: Cablefarm   Date Posted: 30 May 2014  

This is an inaugural blog post.  Just to see how it works and where it ends up.